Select Install DestinationAs you can see, we have our free partition which we shrunk to about 40GB. Click on it to select it and click on automatic partitioning. Select KeyboardYou can test the keyboard configuration and when you are satisfied with the ouputs, click on the ‘DONE‘ button as before. Shrink Windows Volume for CentOS InstallationIn the pop-up window that appears, specify the amount to shrink the volume in Megabytes. This will be equivalent to the size of the Free partition on which we will install CentOS 7.

Fill all the required details and click on the ‘Done‘ button. Kdump is an advanced crash dumping mechanism. Its purpose is to create crash dumps in case of a Kernel crash. This is crucial and allows system administrators to debug the errors and determine the cause of the Linux kernel crash. Configure NetworkTo set the hostname, scroll to the bottom and specify you preferred hostname. Network and HostnameOn the far right, flip the networking button ‘ON’.

This post from MiniTool Partition Wizard details two methods. Follow the tutorials below to get your screenshots on your Dell computer. ClickModeto change the type of capture you want, andDelay to choose how long the delay should be before the screenshot is taken .

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Luckily, there are plenty of unofficial ways to update your unsupported computer to Windows 11. You can download and install Windows 10 operating system for free and use it even for the commercial purpose. Read below to know how to obtain Windows 10 OS from Microsoft website for free. From now onwards, only patches/updates will be released no new separate Windows OS version.

  • Use your tape measure to measure from the top right corner of the window frame to the bottom left corner.
  • If your’s didn’t work out, please ensure that you install CentOS 8 in the same mode as your Windows installation.
  • This can cause a window opening to change shape.
  • The tech giant separated search and Cortana in the taskbar.

Discuss how to change the screenshot from the default to a folder of your choice. Sniping Tool is a capable screen capturing tool and has been a part of Windows since Vista and remain unknown to most of the Windows users. To get it, open any application and use the “Paste command” to see it/modify and save as a file in a location of your choosing. There are easier and faster ways to grab your screen in Windows.

You can load virtually any download concrt140_dll link type of image file to annotate it. Click the ellipsis icon and select Open With to open it in a different image editor. Finally, click Settings to tweak the program’s options . You’ve long been able to take and save screenshots in Windows 10 using the Snipping tool, but with the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, there’s a new screenshot tool in town. Known as Snip & Sketch, this app can take a shot of the entire screen, a rectangular section, or a freeform area that you draw. You can take an immediate screenshot or set it to snap via a timer.

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For example, if you bought a new Mac computer, but don’t want to give up the old Windows computer. You can create a portable USB drive with your Windows computer and use it on your new Mac. Other than this method, you can also create a backup on a different USB or CD.

Watch Video Tutorial: How To Install Windows 10 On Vmware Workstation 15

OK so the second step of this project is completed. The app will run and give you a pop-up to pick the version you want for the ISO download and creation. Download AveYo’s Universal MediaCreationTool from Github. Trusted Platform Module aka TPM is one of the key requirements that Microsoft is enforcing for Windows 11.

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